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Theatre Workshops 1

Monday 27 July 12:00
Tuesday 28 July 12:00
Wednesday 29 July 12:00
Online video conferencing. Click here to download the software from Zoom.
7-11 YRS
Zoom - £9
Youth Service
Stories have been told from the dawn of time and will continue being told as long as the Earth spins. Each continent has its own stories and its own characters but when you placed them together you start to see that some stories told all over the world Are almost identical to may others, we shall map the stories find their origins look at how they were made why they were made and how on earth they are so similar to stories told thousands of miles away at the same time hundreds of years before the Internet was invented! So heading north south east and west will put each story to the test and leave the trial so everyone can find a story on the world map of stories!

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