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Theatre Workshops 2

Monday 10 August 12:00
Tuesday 11 August 12:00
Wednesday 12 August 12:00
Online video conferencing. Click here to download the software from Zoom.
Under 6s
Zoom - £9
Tales Team
Fairy tales nursery rhymes and stories from the four corners of the world are taken out of their boxes, broken up and put back together by you, but not necessarily in the same order!

Over the length of the course you will have stories told, see stories told, tell stories yourself and tell stories that you don’t know! And everything in between. They’ll be stories bursting from the screen as we play story jigsaw piece by piece!
Professional profile
Tales from the sheds and Barnet Children Services. Have linked up over many years. Face to face now they bring this brilliant collaboration online. Creating new materials. For Barnet's creative minds. Using Song Dance Mime rhyme. And everything in between the story is starting to be told. And you are the link. telling the story with a beginning, a middle and the you are the stories you are tomorrow's stories!

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